Salt Water Chlorinators

What is a Salt Water Chlorinator?

A salt water chlorinator (also known as a chlorine generator) is responsible for creating chlorine from salt dissolved in water. This process is known as electrolysis and creates a chlorine gas that is absorbed into the water.

Salt also consists of sodium which is left behind after the electrolysis process however any unused chlorine particles will combine with the free sodium converting it back into natural salt. This minimises the need to continuously add salt to the water.

Why use a Salt Water Chlorinator?

Salt water chlorinators eliminate the need for you to physically add chlorine to the water on a regular basis. It eliminates the need for measuring, adding and storing chlorine.

Chlorinators are generally electronically controlled meaning your water quality will remain very consistent. A chlorinator also improves water quality – you will notice much clearer and cleaner water, soft and relaxing water providing a pleasurable swimming experience.

Because there is no need to add chlorine to the water, you will no longer have the chlorine smell coming from your pool or spa. No more red eyes, irritated skin and funny hair!

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